Running the Logger32 Gauntlet – With Help

Logger32 modestly describes itself as “a 32-bit Amateur Radio logging program.” In reality, this incredibly extensive, flexible, and – consequently – daunting piece of Windows freeware is at the center of operations for many advanced hams. (Think of it as the Emacs of amateur radio logging.) My Elmers K8RRT and W8TN both strongly suggested that I use it and promised to lend support as I got started.

This week I had an incredible 2.5 hour-long session with W8TN (K8RRT even joined us for a few minutes). Using TeamViewer (the software local hams use to show each other how to do things on their computers), he walked me step by step through setting up the software, configuring it, and optimizing the UI. He taught me how to do about a million other things I can’t really describe just yet. With time I’m sure many of the programs’ features will come to be second nature to me, as they for many others.

But just now, while I’m still a little lost in the newness and complexity of everything, I am again overwhelmed by the generosity of the amateur radio community. It’s like the internet was when I started working on it in earnest 28 years ago – the ethic of hacking and the ethic of helping are incredibly strong. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed having such a supportive, creative community until I found one again.

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