Putting Up My First HF Antenna

Last Friday, with the help of Tim K8RRT and Bob W8RLG, I got my first HF antenna up. It’s the EFHW-8010-2K-Plus Multiband End Fed Half Wave Antenna from MyAntennas.com. The marketing material for the antenna says:

  • 130 Feet (39.6m) long #14 AWG XLPE black wire
  • NO TUNER needed!
  • Resonant on 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10m
  • 2kW-ICAS max
  • Digital mode (FT8) 350W continuous

Three days in, my experience is that the antenna is absolutely wonderful. It tunes right up with the little antenna tuner in the ICOM 7300 I have in my shack. My very first night on the air I worked R7MA on FT8 / 80m in European Russia.

Looking forward to logging more time on HF and getting some more experience under my belt with this antenna.

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